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Ronald Fart and Humiliating Hayden

Hi folks! So, I really must remember that I have a blog, where my blog is, and to write something here occasionally! I've been busy knitting bondage dolls, which has been great fun, and also a Ronald Fart Doll for Halloween (a completely original character not based on any real person and any similarity to anyone living or dead is a pure coincidence, pinky-swear. You believe me, right? Great!) I will post some pics of my knitting in due course, I'm still trying to find a dead guinea pig for Ronald's hairpiece. On the writing front, I have just finished the first edits for my short story Humiliating Hayden, and I'll let you know as soon as there's a publication date. It will be featured in the Stupid Fish Productions anthology 'Tonight She's Yours - Cuckolding Fantasies II'. It's a threesome with a difference and I'm sure you'll love reading it. Enjoy your week, folks, and don't do anything I wouldn't. I guess that leaves you a pretty…

Not Even an Anti Hero, Just an Asshole!

Here is a question for my fellow writers - have you ever created a character whom you actually didn't wholly like? Obviously, I don't mean an antagonist, you're not supposed to like the bad guy, and not an anti-hero type, either, but someone who's meant to be one of the good guys. My main WIP - the "Beyond the Dragon Sea" Trilogy - focuses on the entwined lives of five central characters, over the course of a decade. Prince Tarak is the first character we meet, and a good deal of the story is told from his perspective (the POV does change but not erratically, there's no head-bopping, and it's essential for the story to make sense). He is handsome, brave, popular with the people, he wishes to abolish slavery and wants to decrease the power of the corrupt Priesthood. So, yeah, a good guy. However, he 'dumps' the young man he apparently loves, and who certainly loves him, because he must 'choose duty over love'. But I can't help feeli…

April's Antics

I can never think of anything interesting to blog about! I'm so busy writing fiction, I forget to think about writing on my blog. I could tell you how, on April Fool's Day this year, I was taken to a BDSM dungeon, stripped naked, and covered in wax, but I'm sure you're not interested in that, right? Nor in my kinky evening at a gay sauna that boasts glory holes, whipping stools and a sex swing... Nope. Can't think of anything unusual or interesting to tell you... Suffice to say, I've had plenty of inspirational moments in the past few weeks. I must visit Saints and Sinners in Blackpool again soon for another new kinky outfit if I'm going to be visiting any more dungeons and clubs.

Wee Update on the Year So Far

So it's been a very interesting year so far. My research, to date, has involved a trip to a gay sauna and a BDSM dungeon, as well as attending a 'Smut' event with a wax play demonstration/workshop. My short story, Ring My Bell, has been accepted for inclusion in the Sexy Little Pages' Anthology Rule #34, being edited by the talented Zak Jane Keir@decadentmadamezand I'll let you know as soon as there's a release date. In the meantime, my five latest short stories are available via my website, directly from the publisher's websites or on Amazon, here's the link to my author's page on Amazon:
Happy Reading.