Tiny Teaser from 'Alien Attraction'

The slave boy took hold of the orgasma-orb with an inward sigh. He made a slow salacious show of inserting it into his tight rear, fighting against the resistance of his sphincter. Once buried inside of him, the orb began to swell, filling him completely, pushing against his insides, shoving against his prostate. Then it began to grow warm and to vibrate, buzzing and humming inside of him, and shooting out small electric shocks that rippled all through his body.
Aaron braced himself against the side of the cubicle, arching his back, rocking his hips, groaning and grunting, flesh glistening with sweat, cock rock hard and throbbing. He shut his mind off to his surroundings, to the salivating lechers watching him debase himself, and imagined it was Kyander making him feel this way. He was soon letting out a gargled cry and spattering his sticky fluid over the transparent wall and floor, greatly pleasing his audience. As he sank to the floor, panting and gasping, the orb shrank and was expelled from his body and vanished again.


  1. That is so hot! What planet must I travel to in order to obtain one of these orgasma orbs???


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