A Christmas Out of This World

My sci-fi gay romance short story One Last Christmas was published in June and for a spell was number one on the time travel romance best seller list with All Romance e-books. Cute, youthful, struggling artist Jace Hamilton needs to find a new room mate to make ends meet. He has no idea that posting that advert will change his life. Discovering a tall dark stranger is the stuff of cliche romance novels but that's exactly what happens when Jace meets the enigmatic Daniel Philips - a tall dark stranger oozing sex appeal and hiding a fantastical secret!  Despite the obvious chemistry between them (and several romps between the sheets) it seems this is nothing more than a holiday fling because Daniel is only in town for two weeks and is very evasive about his travel plans.  But Daniel has fallen hard and isn't going to let a little thing like a 500-year age gap stop him from being with the one he loves. An emotionally-charged gay romance with a twist. 
If you haven't read it yet, it would make great holiday reading, or it would be a lovely gift for a fan of gay romance and sci-fi. It's available from Amazon etc.
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