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Salacious Saturday!

So with the weekend here, I thought perhaps readers would love a sexy glimpse into my upcoming short story Ranulf so here's a wee snippet. Enjoy!

* * * *
"I knew they'd make a cute cage couple," the leather-clad master commented. “It’s fun watching two subs together.” He went up to the cage and reached a hand between the bars to stroke Kristztian’s hair. “Kiss” he ordered, stepping back again to stand beside the other, lesser Dom. Ryan pulled back a little from the other lad and looked to Brandon. No matter how many other men they had sex with, the rules were no kissing and no sleeping with. As magnetic and intense as Ranulf was, he couldn’t break their rules for him or for anyone, not without consulting his boyfriend first. Ranulf ‘s eyes narrowed and he pressed his lips together in a hard thin line for a few seconds before speaking. “My dungeon, my rules. Down here, you do what I say. If you refuse, you will be hurt.” Adrenalin rushed through Ryan’s body i…

If it’s true love, then even Time and Space cannot be an obstacle.

If where you are is as hot as here at the moment, then you need to smother on sunblock and find a shady niche to relax in. Whilst you're chilling in the shade with an ice-cold drink, you could read my sizzling sexy romance 'One Last Christmas.'  Cute, youthful, struggling artist Jace Hamilton needs to find a new room mate to make ends meet. He has no idea that posting that advert will change his life. Discovering a tall dark stranger is the stuff of cliche romance novels but that's exactly what happens when Jace meets the enigmatic Daniel Philips - a tall dark stranger oozing sex appeal and hiding a fantastical secret!  Despite the obvious chemistry between them (and several romps between the sheets) it seems this is nothing more than a holiday fling because Daniel is only in town for two weeks and is very evasive about his travel plans.  But Daniel has fallen hard and isn't going to let a little thing like a 500-year age gap stop him from being with the one he lov…

Hi there! My first post!

This is my first blog post and I have no idea what to say! Hi? That's a good start I guess! So hi! If you want to know anything about me then you could visit my website, the URL for which is or you can find me on Twitter @DylanMcEwan65
You can also find my author's page on the Luminosity Publishing website and my Amazon author's page. At present I have three short stories available and one coming soon. They are "Lynsey" in the Supposed Crimes anthology Downpour, "Wyndersham Heights" in the Luminosity anthology Men for Hire 2, and "One Last Christmas", also published by Luminosity. All are available on Amazon as well as from the publishers' websites and other e-book sellers. "One Last Christmas" was briefly in the Number One spot for best selling Time Travel erotica on the All Romance E-Books website, I was so chuffed I took a screenshot to keep as a souvenir! Coming soon is my short story &q…